UPPER MARLBORO, MD – In somewhat slick conditions due to Saturday rain, racers enjoyed a bit of mud at Rosaryville State Park this past Sunday at Tacchino CX, promoted by Squadra Coppi. The usual suspects were all over the front of the elite races, with the familiar faces of Cheryl Sornson (Rare Disease Cycling) and Wes Schempf (SEAVS/Haymarket p/b Van Dessel) notching consecutive wins in their last two Super 8 appearances.  Both riders maintain the lead in their respective Verge Sport leader’s jersey competitions as well.

Other notable rides came from Josh Townes (Rock Creek Velo) in the Junior 10-14 field, and Lindsey Crifasi (District Taco) in the Women’s 3/4 race, both adding to their 2014 win totals in their respective fields (UPGRADE ALERT).

The Bikereg.com Super 8 series is winding up for its big mid-series bash with a two-day event at the Armed Forces Reitrement Home for DCCX this weekend.  Come for the racing, come for the food and beer and other goodies, but do not miss it. You can catch a course preview at the link below.


BikeReg.com Super 8 Cyclocross Series sponsors, race promoters, and staff are pleased to announce the 2014 race series schedule. Below you will find the details including race dates, race-day schedule. Links to registration pages, when available, are under each race listed in the calendar on the right sidebar of the Super8cx.org home page.

2014 will once again include a race for masters women (45+), and several options for men’s category 5. We welcome the return of series sponsor VergeSport who will be providing the series leader’s jerseys for the  Singlespeed,  Cat 1/2/3 Women and Men, and Elite Masters fields. Junior jerseys will be awarded at the end of the series. In addition to the leader’s jersey competition and the weekly race prize lists, many of these fields will also be battling for overall series prizes that will ultimately be decided at the series finale in Reston on December 7 at the Capital Cross Classic. Last but certainly not least, we  welcome the return of scoring partner Crossresults.com, and our new chip-timing scoring partner Race Works Gruppetto.

Below is the season schedule and daily calendar. See you at the races.

 Season Schedule

September 28 AppleCross Winchester, Va.

October 5 Hyattsville CX Hyattsville, Md.

October 12 Tacchino Cyclocross Rosaryville, Md.

October 18 & 19 DCCX Washington D.C.

November 2 Ed Sander Memorial CX Adamstown, Md.

November 9 Schooley Mill Cross Highland, Md.

November 16 Rockburn CX Elkridge, Md.

December 7 Capital Cross Classic Reston, Va


Daily Schedule

8:15am Men Cat4/5 (Beginner)

9:00am Masters Men 35+/45+ Cat 3/4/5

10:00am Masters Women 45+ Cat 1/2/3/4

10:01am Women Cat 4 (Beginner)

10:02am U19 Girls, 10-14 Boys, 10-14 Girls

11:00am Masters Men 45+ 1/2/3

11:01am U19 Boys

12:00pm Women Cat 1/2/3

12:01pm Women Cat 3/4

1:00pm Masters Men 35+ Cat 1/2/3

1:01pm Singlespeed Cat 1/2/3/4/5

2:00pm Men Cat 3/4

2:01pm Men 55+ 1/2/3/4/5

3:00pm Men Cat 1/2/3

Lil’ Belgian races at 10:00am and noon. 

BikeReg.com Super 8 Cyclocross Series sponsors, race promoters, and staff are pleased to announce the 2013 race series schedule. Below you will find the details including race dates, race-day schedule, and links to other important information.

New for this year is a revised schedule including a race for masters women (45+), and options for the new men’s category 5. We welcome the return of series sponsor VergeSport who will be providing the series leader’s jerseys for the U19 Boys, Singlespeed, Cat 3/4 Women and Men, Cat 1/2/3 Women and Men, and Masters fields. In addition to the leader’s jersey competition and the weekly race prize lists, many of these fields will also be battling for overall series prizes that will ultimately be decided at the series finale in Reston on December 8th at the Capital Cross Classic. Last but certainly not least, we also welcome the return of scoring partner Crossresults.com, and race-day results partner Big Guy Group for the 2013 season.

Race number one in the series is AppleCross on September 29th in Winchester, VA, with registration opening on BikeReg.com this Sunday. Will they force a run on “The Wall”, or will it be ride-able? Register for your race and come check out one of the most fun and challenging courses around on September 29th!


 Season Schedule

September 29 AppleCross Winchester, Va.

October 6 Hyattsville CX Hyattsville, Md.

October 13 Tacchino Cyclocross Rosaryville, Md.

October 20 DCCX Washington D.C.

November 3 Ed Sander Memorial CX Adamstown, Md.

November 10 Schooley Mill Cross Highland, Md.

November 17 Rockburn CX Elkridge, Md.

December 8 Capital Cross Classic Reston, Va


Daily Schedule

8:15am Masters Men 55+ Cat 1/2/3/4/5

8:16am Men Cat4/5 (Beginner)

9:00am Masters Men 35+/45+ Cat 3/4/5

10:00am Masters Women 45+ Cat 1/2/3/4

10:00am Women Cat 4 (Beginner)

10:01am U19 Girls, U15 Boys

11:00am Masters Men 45+ 1/2/3

11:01am U19 Boys

12:00pm Women Cat 1/2/3

12:01pm Women Cat 3/4

1:00pm Masters Men 35+ Cat 1/2/3

1:01pm Singlespeed Cat 1/2/3/4/5

2:00pm Men Cat 3/4

3:00pm Men Cat 1/2/3






We are pleased to announce the 2013 race dates for the BikeReg.com Super 8 Cyclocross Series. The Super 8 is proud to have BikeReg.com and VergeSport return as sponsors to our series and look forward to seeing everybody ready to race in Winchester on September 29.

2013 Super 8 Cyclocross Series Calendar

September 29 Apple Cross Winchester, Va.
October 6 Hyattsville CX Hyattsville, Md.
October 13 Tacchino Cyclocross Rosaryville, Md.
October 20 DCCX Washington D.C.
November 3 Ed Sander Memorial CX Adamstown, Md.
November 10 Schooley Mill Cross Highland, Md.
November 17 Rockburn CX Elkridge, Md.
December 8 Capital Cross Classic Reston, Va.

With two races left in the BikeReg.com Super 8 Cyclocross Series, the Verge Sport leader jerseys in most categories are still up for grabs. The series resumes this Sunday in Reston for Capital Cross Classic and concludes December 16 with the rescheduled Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross. Registration for those races can be found by visiting https://www.bikereg.com/events/default.asp?ns=Super+8&search.x=16&search.y=20.

The Super 8 series competition awards 60 points for a win, 50 points for second place, 45 for third, 40 for fourth, and so on down the line. The top 25 riders in eligible fields receive points. Full individual standings are available at http://www.crossresults.com/mabra.

After six races, the Verge Sport leader jersey in the men’s elite category is on the back of Wes Schempf (SEAVS-Haymarket). Stephen Cummings (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) sits second with Nick Taylor (Bike Doctor) and Collin Becker (Race Pace Bike Shop) close behind. The top eight men are all still in contention for top honors.

In the women’s elite category, Laura Murray (Race Pace Bike Shop) has a 59 point lead over Allyson Tufano (Sportif Coaching Group). Jennifer Tillman (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) currently sits in third place.

Dave Weaver (ALAN) leads the 35+ elite category with Raul Rojas (DCMTB) in second and Chris Harshman (Sportif Coaching Group) in third.

Jerzy Wozniak (Winchester Wheelmen) is out front of the 45+ elite category with Andrew Shaw (NCVC) and Marc Gwadz (DCMTB) chasing.

David Wolfel (R1V/Arrow Bicycle) leads the 55+ 1/2/3 category with Richard Paukstitus(ABRT) and Thomas Fulcher (Rock Creek Velo) in second and third.

John Dove (Veloworks-Spokes) is currently out front of the men’s 3/4 category and Jake Thompson (HPC-List) is in second. Both racers, however, have upgraded to Cat 2 and continue to stay competitive at the Elite level. They join Larry Miller and Russ Berryman (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic) and Chris Rabadi who have also upgraded out of the 3/4 field. Congratulations to all.

Carla Williams (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV) leads the 3/4 women’s field. Melissa Erickson (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) is in second and Margit Jochmann (Syn-Fit Race Team) is third.

David Kirkpatrick (The November Bicycles CX Experience) leads the men’s 35+ 3/4 category. Jason Ludicke and Matt Cooper (Adventures for the Cure) are in second and third.

George Schulz Jr. (The Bike Lane) is atop the 45+ 3/4 field with Daniel Klaussen (Squadra Coppi) in second and Mark Stahl (Haymarket Bicycles/SEAVS) in third.

Sean O’Donnell (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic) leads the singlespeed rankings with Luke Swift (NCVC) and Kris Auer (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) in second and third.

Tanner Browne (Bike Doctor p/b DigiSource) leads the junior 15-18. Caleb Merriam (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic) is in second and Sam Lear (Adventures for the Cure) is in third.

Emma Montgomery leads the junior women 15-18. Owen Brenneman (Nuts About Granola/Keystone Velo) leads the junior men 10-14 with Marcus Provine (Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor) in second and Iain Mackeith (NCVC/United Healthcare) in third. Olivia Schulz (The Bike Lane) is first in the junior women 10-14 with Cameron Newcombe (Rock Creek Velo) second and Evie Wolfe (Juggernaut ESF) third.

Full points are available at http://www.crossresults.com/mabra

Super 8 Cyclocross Series information available at http://www.crossresults.com/mabra

The BikeReg.com Super 8 Cyclocross Series rolls on this Sunday with Winchester Apple Cross. The fourth year race is the first time in 2012 for the series leaders to show off the all new VergeSport Super 8 points jerseys.

In the men’s elite field, U.S. National Champion Jeremy Powers currently holds the jersey. Chances are JPow will not be at Winchester to defend his lead. This leaves the door open for the SEAVS/Haymarket Bicycles trio of Jared Nieters, Wes Schempf and Ryan Dewald to stake their claim. However, (almost) local guy Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory Team) is rumored to be on hand to try and derail the Haymarket train. Other (almost) local guy Ben Frederick (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV) will also be at Winchester to get his hands back on the jersey he held for much of 2011. Two other local guys should also really be there. We’re looking at you Joe Dombrowski and Ben King.

Laura Murray (Race Pace/Trek MTB Team) will don the VergeSport leader jersey for her first defense of the points title against a growing field of elite women contenders. However, many of the top women in the series have yet to show their cards and register for Sunday’s race. We’re looking at you, too!

In the masters 35+ 1/2/3 race, Dave Weaver (ALAN) will go from the gun and dare Paul Rades (November Bicycle), Raul Rojas (DCMTB), Ron Huebner (Evolution) and Chris Harshman (Sportif Coaching) to take his leader jersey away from him.

In the 45+ race, the host club Winchester Wheelmen will send Jerzy Wozniak out to defend his 2011 domination of the field. Andrew Shaw (NCVC), Cory Smith (Sportif Coaching), Scott Stahl (SEAVS/Haymarket) and Marc Gwadz (DCMTB) will try and wrest the title from Jerzy’s grip.

The 55+ race will most likely be up for grabs with Dennis Smith (Bike Line) not racing. David Wolfel (Route1Velo/Arrow Bicycle) sits in second with perennial favorite Fred Wittwer (Charlottesville Racing Club) also in the mix.

Chris Rabadi (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic) sits atop the men’s 3/4 field with teammate Russ Berryman in third. Dan Wolf (Race Pace/Trek MTB Team), the Adventures for the Cure duo of Greg Saylor and Auggie Pitt, and Matthew Latyszonek (NCVC) are all in the mix for top honors.

In the Masters 3/4 35+ field, John McGreevey (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic) leads the pack with Jeff Chun (Bike Doctor p/b DigiSource), David Kirkpatrick (November Bicycles) and Matt Cooper (AFC) right on his heels.

The Masters 3/4 45+ field is led by Eric Schmitt (Cycle-Smart). George Schulz (The Bike Lane), Douglas Galbi (Squadra Coppi), Mark Stahl (SEAVS/Haymarket Bicycle) and Dave Tambeaux (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic) are close behind.

Sean “I love to race so I register twice” O’Donnell (Crosshairs Cycling p/b Spy Optic) will sport the VergeSport leader jersey in the single-speed race. Luke Swift (NCVC), and the REVEL racing duo of Tony Barsi  and Mike Esmonde will chase him down with really, really high RPMs.

The juniors! Tanner Browne (Bike Doctor p/b DigiSource) leads the 15-18 open, Emma Montgomery is tops in the junior women 15-18, Adam Croft rules the junior men 10-14, and Mason Hopkins (ALAN) reigns supreme in the junior women 10-14.

This Sunday’s Super 8 race is going to be off the charts. Every pro bike racer in western Virginia has been put on notice. Come race your race and then cheer on the rest. Winchester Apple Cross on-line registration closes tonight at 8pm: https://www.bikereg.com/NET/17177/Winchester-AppleCross2012-Race–2-in-the-BikeRegcom-Super-8.

The Super 8 uses Crossresults.com for its series standings: http://www.crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=mabra2012




The BikeReg.com Super 8 Cyclocross Series kicks off the Mid-Atlantic cyclocross season with Tacchino CX. On September 9, racers from the East Coast and beyond will kick last year’s mud off their cleats and toe the line for the first cross race of the season. Tacchino Cyclocross is always one of the largest races on the East Coast and will continue the Super 8 tradition of hosting a killer party-with live funk band, ice cold beer, moonbounce, and a suitcase of sausage–with a challenging, all-conditions cross race thrown in. This is also the first chance for racers in most categories to stake claim to the updated VergeSport leader jersey.

Along with Tacchino, Winchester Apple Cross is also open for registration. The bikereg.com links to the registration pages for all races, as they open, will be available in the sidebar calendar on the Super 8 homepage. Links to race results, hosted by crossresults.com, will also be available on that calendar.

The Super 9 has made a couple slight changes to the daily schedule. The biggest is that the beginner race is now a bit longer, but it also starts a bit earlier!

Here’s the schedule. Register now, and we will see you out there soon!

Time Category Duration Entry Prizes/Places
8:15AM Beginner Men Cat 4 35 min $27 Prizes/3 places
9:00 AM Beginner Women Cat 4 35 min $27 Prizes/3 places
9:01AM Junior Boys 10 – 14 35 min $10 Medals/5 places
  Junior Girls 15 – 18 35 min $10 Medals/5 places
  Junior Girls 10 – 14 35 min $10 Medals/5 places
10:00 AM Lil’ Belgians   FREE Prizes/ALL
10:00 AM Masters 35+/45+ Cat 3,4 40  min $27 Prizes/5 places
11:00 AM Masters 45+ Cat 1,2,3 45 min $27 Prizes/5 places
11:01 AM Masters 55+ Cat 1,2,3,4 45 min $27 Prizes/3 places
11:.02 AM Single Speed Open 45 min $27 Prizes/3 places
12:00 PM Lil’ Belgians 2   FREE Prizes/ALL
12:00 PM Women Cat 1,2,3 40 min $27 $600/7 places
12:01 PM Juniors 15-18 Open 40 min $10 Medals/5 places
12:02PM Women Cat 3,4 40 min $27 Prizes/5 places
1:00 PM Masters 35+ Cat 1,2,3 45 min $27 Prizes/5 places
2:00 PM Men Cat 3,4 45 min $27 Prizes/7 places
3:00 PM Men Cat 1,2,3 60 min $27 $900/10 places
4:15 PM Bonus Field (Promoters Choice) TBD TBD TBD

As we head in to race six of the BikeReg.com MABRAcross Super 8 Cyclocross Series, the Verge Sport points competitions are really starting to hot up. Schooley Mill Cross, which goes down this Sunday, could be the race folks look back on as the one that turned tide in several categories. And in case you did not know, there is more to the points chase than those sweet looking Verge Sport jerseys. There is cold hard cash for the winners in the masters 1/2/3 35+, 45+ and 55 + fields, women and men elite fields, and single speed. Depending on the field, payouts go anywhere from five to 10 deep. Final points prizes will be awarded at Capital Cross Classic, the Super 8 finale.

Racers get 60 points for the win, 50 points for second place, 45 for third and on down the line. This means that a good showing by any of the riders near the top of the standings, or an off day by others could drastically change the outcome in most of the categories.

In the excitement of last week’s points update we failed to report on the womens 3/4 category. To make sure there is no repeat of that transgression, this week’s rundown starts with that very field. At the top is Emily McDonald (Momentum Racing) who holds a 35 point lead over Madi West (Adventures for the Cure). Amanda Gilbert is another 21 points back in third place. Laura Murray (Baltimore Bicycle Works) and Diedre Ribbens (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) are tied for fourth 70 points out of the top spot.

The womens elite field continues to be ruled by consistency. The top five riders, after five races have accounted for just two victories. Libbey Sheldon (Four Boys Racing) continues to lead the field with 221 points. Allyson Tufano (Sportif) remains in second with 175 points. Laurel Larsen (Syn-Fit) and Jennifer Maxwell (Van Dessel) are tied for third with 145 points and Elizabeth Harlow (C3) rounds out the top five with 134 points.

In the mens elite field, Ben Frederick (Team Traveller) remains in the lead despite his decision to end his season before last week’s Ed Sander Memorial Cross. Maybe he didn’t realize there is PRIZE MONEY on the line! Come on Ben. Three more races. Taking advantage of Frederick’s absence was Chris Beck (Team CF) who moved into a tie for second place with Jared Nieters (Haymarket Bicycles). A good showing at this Sunday’s Schooley Mill race could see Beck in the leader’s jersey. Or possibly, it could be Wes Schempf (C3), who put in a strong showing on Sunday and is ten points behind Beck and Nieters. Pat Blair (Adventures for the Cure) sits in fifth after suffering an untimely mechanical and DNF on Sunday.

Hey singlespeeders! It’s time to swap out that cog for something a little more robust and get back in the game. Because right now Bernie Shiao (Kelly Benefit Strategies) is running away with this competition. He holds a 95 point lead over Daniel Atkins (Trek 29er Crew). Pretty sure that means two guys on mountain bikes are sitting atop the field in a cyclocross series. Alexander Castro remains in third place. In fourth place, Jared Nieters, after winning the first two races in the series, seems to have pulled a Ben Frederick and hung up the one-by-one for the remainder of the season. Mike Esmonde (Raw Talent Ranch) rounds out the top five.

The masters men 35+ 1/2/3 field remains a close race between Paul Rades (Gam Jams/November Bicycles) and Dave Fuentes (Haymarket/Battley Harley). Rades has never finished lower than second the entire season and has ticked off two impressive back-to-back wins at DCCX and Ed Sander. Fuentes has been right behind Rades for the past two races and sits 45 points off the lead. Ron Huebner (Evolution Cycling) is in third with Jason Lins (Adventures for the Cure) and Jay Morali (Sportif Coaching) rounding out the top five.

In what remains the closest race in the series, the masters men 45+ 1/2/3  is definitely going to come down to the wire. Andrew Shaw (NCVC) holds the top spot with 240 points. Five points behind is Randall Root (Evolution Cycling) and another 35 points back is Marc Gwadz (DCMTB). In fourth spot at 180 points could be the spoiler to this party. Jerzy Wozniak has 180 points. He’s raced only three of the five series races but won all of them. If Jerzy shows up for the final three, the others in this field may be looking up at him by the time its’ all said and done at Lake Fairfax in early December. Shawn Downing slots into the fifth place spot with 168 points.

The masters men 55+ 1/2/3 field is another that is too close to call. Tony Bilotta (Van Dessel) remains in the lead but by missing the Ed Sander race he has allowed the field to move a bit closer. Peter Czapiewski (Arlington Master’s Velo Club) sits in second place 21 places off the lead. Fred Wittwer (ALAN), much like Jerzy in the 45+, has entered three of the five series races and won them all. If Fred finishes the season in the Super 8 he could be pocketing the most prize money in the field. William Feasley (DC Velo) is in fourth place with 165 points and Galen Wallace (Kelley Benefits) is in fifth.

In the mens 3/4 field Josh Doorly (Haymarket Bicycles/SEAVS) takes over the top spot from Kyle Murphy (The Bike Lane) who falls to second. Kimani Nielsen sits in third after an impressive Ed Sander win. These three racers are within 25 points of each other and all have a legitimate shot at the top spot. Chris Carraway (GamJams/November Bicycles) sits in fourth and Jared Janowiak (Gripped Racing) is fifth.

The masters men 35+ 3/4 field is topped by Sportif Coaching teammates Jon Hicks and Cory Smith. Chris King (Route1Velo/Arrow Bicycle) despite racing up holds enough early season points to remain in third place. Steve Fife (Bike Doctor) sits fourth and Luke Swift (NCVC) moves up to fifth after stepping up for the host team and winning Ed Sander.

In the Junior 15-18 field Matthew Ammann (NCVC) also took home the win at Ed Sander and in doing so broke the tie at the top with Tanner Browne (Bike Doctor) who falls to second place. Jake Thompson holds third place with Caleb Merriam (Four Boy Racing) and Nolan Yager (Rock Creek Velo) rounding out the top 5. In the junior women 15-18, Anastasiya Mack (Rock Creek Velo) holds a commanding lead. Svetlana Mack (Rock Creek Velo) remains atop the women 10-14 field while Evie Wolfe (Juggernaut) remains in second place. George Schulz is unstoppable in the men 10-14 field with five straight wins. Owen Brenneman (Keystone Velo Club) and Samuel Monaco (Sportif Coaching) are second and third.

The team standings remain close with C3-Charm City Cycling holding on to the top spot and Sportif Coaching one point behind in second. Four points farther behind is Adventures for the Cure. DCMTB and Route1Velo are tied for fourth.

Kill points are still being tabulated. We will post those with all of the other series standings at http://www.crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=mabra2011.


See you at Schooley Mill Cross.

After a much needed recovery week following DCCX, the BikeReg.com MABRAcross Super 8 Series is back in full swing this Sunday with the always exciting Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross. Heading into the second half of the season, the Verge Sport leader jersey races begin to really heat up as the points become scarcer with only four races left on the schedule.

In the men’s elite field, jersey-holder Ben Frederick (Team Traveller) has hung up his zebra stripes for 2011 and will not defend his lead this weekend. With the next four contenders for the top spot all signed up for Sunday’s race, the points lead is truly up in the air. Jared Nieters (Haymarket), Chris Beck (TeamCF), Pat Blair (AFC) and Wes Schempf (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) will all have their eyes on the prize in the coming weeks.

In the women’s elite field, Libbey Sheldon (Four Boys Racing) holds a 31 point lead over Jennifer Maxwell (Van Dessel) and is 41 points ahead of Allyson Tufano (Sportif). The battle for the final jersey will most likely come down to these three racers. Late season spoilers, however, have shown up in the past, so keep your eyes on this field in the coming weeks.

If the Super 8 featured a “field of the week,” and who’s to say it can’t, the men’s elite masters field would definitely be in the running. Wily old veterans doing wily ol’ things  on bikes are always worth watching. Paul Rades (November Bicycles) sheds the Raymond “Eternal Second” Poulidor sobriquet with a big win at DCCX. He now holds a 25 point lead over Dave Fuentes (XO Communications/Battley Harley). Jason Lins (Adventures for the Cure), Mike Birner (Sportif) and Rob Huebner (Evolution) are also within striking distance.

The men’s masters 45+ 1/2/3 race is also a tight one. Andrew Shaw (NCVC) maintains a narrow 10 point leader over Randy Root (Evolution) with DCMTB’s Marc Gwadz 55 points out of first. The men’s masters 55+ field has Tony Bilotta (Van Dessel) holding down the top spot by 25 points over Fred Wittwer (ALAN). Peter Czapiewski (AMVC) is in third.

The men’s masters 3/4 35+ field is led by Sportif teammates Jon Hicks and Cory Smith. Hicks holds a 45 point lead over Smith and a 67 point lead over Steve Fife (Bike Doctor). In the men’s 3/4 field, Kyle Murphy (The Bike Lane) hangs on to a narrow lead over Josh Doorly (Haymarket Bicycles/SEAVS). Chris Carraway (November Bicycles) and Kimani Nielsen (Squadra Coppi), in third and fourth, remain in striking distance. Bernie Shiao (Kelley Benefit Strategies) has a nice lead in the single-speed category over Daniel Atkins (Trek 29er Crew) and Jared Nieters.

In the women’s 3/4 Emily McDonald (Momentum Racing) holds a 25 point lead over what appears to be the entire field! Log-jammed at 120 points are Diedre Ribbens (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes), Madi West (AFC) and Laura Murray (Baltimore Bicycle Works). Jessica Hall sits in fifth with 101 points. This field is basically wide open and one worth watching closely.

The junior 15-18 category is another field worth keeping an eye on. Tanner Browne (Bike Doctor) holds the jersey based on his high DCCX result, but he is tied with Matthew Ammann (NCVC) for most points. Tied for third place 55 points back  is Jake Thompson (Squadra Coppi) and Nolan Yager (Rock Creek Velo). Caleb Merriam (Four Boys Racing) rounds out the top five.

Anastasiya Mack continues to lead Rock Creek Velo teammates Joanna Millstein and Kiran Kumar in the junior women 15-18 category with Kelsey Joyce (Route1Velo/Arrow Bicycle) in fourth. George Schulz (The Bike Lane) has a commanding lead in the junior men 10-14 and Svetlana Mack (Rock Creek Velo) holds a 45 point lead over Evie Wolfe (Juggernaut) in the women 10-14 field.

In the team standings, C3-Athletes Serving Athletes is in the lead with 48 points. Sportif sits second at 32 points with Adventures for the Cure in third, one point back. Route1Velo/Arrow Bicyle is in fourth place with NCVC capping off the top five. Daryl “Gus” Grissom (November Bicycles) continues to lead the beginner category in kill points. Andrew Suchoki (Kelly Benefit Strategies) leads the mens 3/4 in kills and James Studebaker (DCMTB) leads the masters 3/4 35+.

To see full series standings visit www.crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=mabra2011. Follow us on Twitter @Super8cx.

Faster, Cyclocrosser! Kill! Kill! Like the go-go dancing leads in the iconic 1960s Russ Meyer film, thrill-seekers in the BikeReg.com MABRAcross Super 8, sponsored by Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, will now have the chance to hunt down and overcome the opposition in the all new kill point competition.

And we already know that every second counts in bike racing, but in the Super 8, every race counts, too. If you are gunning for a series title, or care about where you end up in the standings, there are no days off. With only eight races on the calendar, every one is important. Cyclocross in the Super 8 is more like the BCS than the MLB (those are team sport references, bike racing friends), there are no mulligans (that one is golf).

Here is the nitty gritty on the details about how the series will work.

The Super 8 offers 18 competitive classes.

25 riders in 16 classes score series points at each race.

10 classes win Verge Sport leader jerseys each week.

Six classes win series cash prizes 5 to 10 places deep, which will be presented at the series championship race, Capital Cross Classic.

Three classes win Kill Points.

Team points will be calculated by Crossresults.com to determine the top team in the Super 8.

And what about those kill points? Here’s how it works. Points will be awarded for the Mens 3/4, Masters 3/4 35+ and 45+ and Beginner Cat 4 Men. Kill points are calculated by taking the difference between the riders starting position and final finishing position. So if you are wearing bib number 50 and finish in 25th place, congratulations! You just earned 25 kill points.

This may be a case of burying the lead. Already at the end of the release and no dollar amounts? That’s just plain wrong. The Super 8 is flush with cash and it can all be yours. The Elite Men and Women win $1,500 at each race, and the top Elite Men, Women, Masters, and Single Speeders win another $3,000 for their series placing.  Not to mention the champs get to come race the series next year for free!  That’s $15,000 in total prizes plus up to $1,400 in free entries.

Finally, every race in the Super 8 will offer a single-speed category. And this field is legit. Series points, leader’s jersey, series prize money, it is all there for the taking by this group of shiftless bike racers.

The serious fun all starts in less than a week. Make sure to visit MABRAcross.org for updates. Complete rules can be found here. Crossresults.com will once again host our complete results. For all the update news about the Super 8, follow us on Twitter at @Super8cx.