The MABRAcross Series is gearing up for a spectacular season of racing. One of the great things about participating in MABRAcross is that you can set different goals for yourself. You can have a week to week race goal and also set a season-long mark for consistency. To measure how you stack up over time with the competition, MABRAcross awards points to the top 25 racers in each category. Strive to be among that number and start racking up points.

You may not know this, but we have our own points czar who works tirelessly and virtually endlessly during the season to make sure the points competition is accurate and up to date. But he needs your help to make sure everything gets correctly tabulated. Before you register for your next race, log in to and check your profile. Is your birthday and racing age correct? How about your racing category? Double-check all the information for us. It makes getting you scored correctly so much easier.

Now take a look at your team/club name. Is it correct? Are you sure? You would be surprised at how many variations racers on the same team can come up with to list their team. If you are not certain how to list your club or sponsor, check with your team leaders to confirm the accepted listing.

There is a MABRAcross team competition that will be scored by computer. The best way to ensure the computer counts your score for the team competition is to use a standard team name for all racers. The top five finishers count towards the team results. So with no shows and DNFs, it’s not just the stars that will have the opportunity to help their team.

Consider this a part of your annual ‘cross prep. Glue the tubulars, order the embrocation and update your profile. Now you’re ready to race!

We can’t wait to see you out there!

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