WASHINGTON DC, October 8, 2010—The BikeReg.com MABRAcross series is entering its fourth race and many Verge Sport leader jersey races remain too close to call. This Sunday’s Hyattsville CX is an opportunity for those holding on to slim leads in their field to start securing their position. But it is also an opportunity for the pursuers to grab for the golden ring and don the burgundy and white Verge Sport MABRAcross kit.

Perusing the fields on the exclusive crossresults.com MABRAcross points page, on paper it looks like the Men’s 1/2/3 jersey will stay in the hands of Haymarket Bicycle/SEAVS, with current leader Jared Nieters and former leader Joe Dombrowski both signed up for the Hyattsville race. Will possible contenders, like C3-Athletes Serving Athlete’s Sam O’Keefe, show up on race day and make a run for the jersey? Show up Sunday and see for yourself.

Patty Buerkle (Haymarket Bicycles/SEAVS) has a commanding lead over registered racers. It would be easy to slot her in for smooth sailing on Sunday. But does that mean she is a prime target for the upset? And although she may not take the jersey Sunday, a good showing by Elizabeth Harlow (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) makes this women’s elite battle a tight race going forward.

The open elite races at Hyattsville will be fast, furious and worth sticking around for. But the best points battle of the day, could be the men’s masters 1/2/3. This is going to be a battle royale, for sure. Yanni Papadopoulos (ABRT) is not signed up for Hyattsville, which puts his too short leader’s jersey in jeopardy. And Kris Auer (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) won’t be there to capitalize. This puts the race in the hands of three men that battled it out on the same course one year ago. Looking to snatch Big Papa’s jersey are returning Hyattsville CX masters champ Mike Birner (Ben’s Performance Bikes), and Evolution teammates Randy Root and Ron Huebner. These three guys went after it hard last year at Magruder Park and have to be ready to rekindle that fight in 2010. There’s a lot of power in that trio, as well in the rest of the masters elite field, and power is what it is going to take to win at this watt-friendly course.

The men’s 3/4 field is being watched over by the TOMS Shoes duo of Stephen Mull and Sean O’Donnell. O’Donnell has the jersey but Mull and a host of others are knocking at the door. Watch out for the Sheffield, Faber, Williams, Doroshenko posse that will be fast on the heels of the KindHuman Sports duo.

In the Masters 3/4 field David Crouse (Bike Doctor) is going to have to supplement those fine handling skills with a little power if he hopes to hang on to his jersey. A slew of riders, including Schirmer, Bannon, Carrol, Morris and Beatty, sit just off the pace waiting to track down the leader at Magruder Park on Sunday. The women’s cat 3 field is owned right now by Laurel Larsen (Syn Fit). But upstart Lesley Golenor (HPC) has moved up from the Cat 4 field to give the Cat 3 women a run for their money. Will her success continue despite the upgrade or will Larsen roll on unabated?

So that’s how thing shake out to date in the BikeReg.com MABRAcross series. Check crossresults.com often to see where you rank in the battle for the Verge Sport leader’s jersey.

Bill Schieken