The Super 8 Cyclocross Series kicks off the Mid-Atlantic cyclocross season with Tacchino CX. On September 9, racers from the East Coast and beyond will kick last year’s mud off their cleats and toe the line for the first cross race of the season. Tacchino Cyclocross is always one of the largest races on the East Coast and will continue the Super 8 tradition of hosting a killer party-with live funk band, ice cold beer, moonbounce, and a suitcase of sausage–with a challenging, all-conditions cross race thrown in. This is also the first chance for racers in most categories to stake claim to the updated VergeSport leader jersey.

Along with Tacchino, Winchester Apple Cross is also open for registration. The links to the registration pages for all races, as they open, will be available in the sidebar calendar on the Super 8 homepage. Links to race results, hosted by, will also be available on that calendar.

The Super 9 has made a couple slight changes to the daily schedule. The biggest is that the beginner race is now a bit longer, but it also starts a bit earlier!

Here’s the schedule. Register now, and we will see you out there soon!

Time Category Duration Entry Prizes/Places
8:15AM Beginner Men Cat 4 35 min $27 Prizes/3 places
9:00 AM Beginner Women Cat 4 35 min $27 Prizes/3 places
9:01AM Junior Boys 10 – 14 35 min $10 Medals/5 places
  Junior Girls 15 – 18 35 min $10 Medals/5 places
  Junior Girls 10 – 14 35 min $10 Medals/5 places
10:00 AM Lil’ Belgians   FREE Prizes/ALL
10:00 AM Masters 35+/45+ Cat 3,4 40  min $27 Prizes/5 places
11:00 AM Masters 45+ Cat 1,2,3 45 min $27 Prizes/5 places
11:01 AM Masters 55+ Cat 1,2,3,4 45 min $27 Prizes/3 places
11:.02 AM Single Speed Open 45 min $27 Prizes/3 places
12:00 PM Lil’ Belgians 2   FREE Prizes/ALL
12:00 PM Women Cat 1,2,3 40 min $27 $600/7 places
12:01 PM Juniors 15-18 Open 40 min $10 Medals/5 places
12:02PM Women Cat 3,4 40 min $27 Prizes/5 places
1:00 PM Masters 35+ Cat 1,2,3 45 min $27 Prizes/5 places
2:00 PM Men Cat 3,4 45 min $27 Prizes/7 places
3:00 PM Men Cat 1,2,3 60 min $27 $900/10 places
4:15 PM Bonus Field (Promoters Choice) TBD TBD TBD