Thank you for making this season the most successful yet in MABRAcross history. Before the final race fades from everybody’s memory, we want to hear your thoughts on the series, so that we can make next year even better. To that end, we have put together a quick survey to pick your brains. This is your chance, cyclocrossers, to let the MABRAcross staff and promoters know what you liked and what you would change. It’s only ten questions long and should not take up too much of your offseason. 

Okay, let’s be honest. The problem with sending out surveys like this is that even though people genuinely want to respond, we are all busy and distracted this time of year and despite everybody’s best intentions things like this always gets put aside and eventually forgotten. But we really want to hear from you. So let’s do this like the obsessive-compulsive cyclists we are: (1) go right now and get your training journal, or open it up in a new window; (2) find Thursday’s training schedule and input the following workout: 

  • Spin easy for ten minutes.
  • Click on the survey link and answer each question at 100 percent effort.
  • Rest one minute between answers.
  • Cool down for ten minutes.
  • Recovery shake or light meal. Watch the carb intake, your racing season is over. 

Survey can be found here: 

Thank you.