The MABRAcross series offers eleven premier cyclocross events, strong competition, killer prizes and one of the liveliest racing scenes in the country. For most series, that would be enough.

MABRAcross Leader Jersey

But MABRAcross is not most series. That’s why for 2010 the series has joined with Verge Sport, a leader in custom cycling clothing, to present the Verge Sport MABRAcross Leaders Jersey competition.

Starting this Sunday with Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross, the first race in the MABRAcross series, racers in seven fields (Men 1/2/3, Women 1/2, Masters 1/2/3, Masters 3/4, Men 3/4, Masters 55+ and Women 3) will not only race for weekly glory but also for the chance to wear the instantly classic Verge MABRAcross leader jersey. Immediately following the usual top five podium placements, the Verge Sport Leaders Jersey will be presented to the rider leading the MABRAcross series.

MABRAcross has tweaked the points scale being used this year to make the competition tighter throughout the season as well as using the same points scale across all categories this year. MABRAcross has also teamed with the ever popular to provide the 11 race series points standings via their website. In other words, no more PDFs. For a preview, and a look back, check out the 2009 series standings already on the site at

The jersey Verge Sport designed for the points competition is based on the new MABRAcross logo . Verge has generously provided the series with enough kits so that no leader will be forced to wash the old leaders jersey. The jerseys come in long and short sleeve versions. A picture of the new jersey is posted at

MABRAcross is confident that a true points jersey chase will generate plenty of excitement from race to race for individual riders. But that does not mean it is the only competition to follow. MABRAcross is also working with to introduce a redesigned team competition for the clubs that participate in series races. has been busy all summer crafting a MABRAcross series specific set of points based on their super secret formula. The formula will be used to reward the top five riders of each team, rewarding success in all fields, and giving everybody on a squad added incentive to race as hard as possible. To achieve a balance in the force as Mace Windu would say, we’ve weighted all riders so regardless of age and sex, any rider—young or old, boy or girl—can help their team to the coveted MABRAcross Team win. A win that comes not with a trophy or trinket but good old fashioned bragging rights. And what can be better that that?

To see the complete rules on how points will be calculated for the Verge points competition and the MABRAcross team competition, please visit